Code of Practice – Responsible gaming

Bingo game is an exciting pastime for adults and we want the experience to remain as fun. We require that all players/participant/customer must be over 18years of age before purchasing our game slips or playing our games on any platform.

Should we or our retail partners suspect that a player to be under-aged, we will demand a government issued ID card for age verification before selling game slips to such players. Stakes placed by persons under the age of 18years are considered inappropriate and may be voided.

Our Retail partners shall be requested to place signs in their outlets that shows clearly that the game slips shall not be sold to anyone under the age of 18years.

Our players are encouraged to stay in control of their spending. In addition, we shall ensure we have a robust structure that ensures conscious

Naijabingo® shall ensure strict compliance with all laws, rules, standards and regulations set by the Regulator.

We shall submit ourselves to independent audit of our systems to confirm the fairness of our games and the protection of players.

We acknowledge that while our games are designed largely for entertainment, there exists the possibility of some players to get addicted and develop gaming related problems. Our plan is to identify the victims as early as possible and offer support to bring them back to reality.

We shall comply with the relevant advertising codes of practice to ensure that our advertisements are not inadvertently targeted at underage or vulnerable players.